About Us

The Poultry Federation (TPF) is a trade association that relies on membership support to support its representation of the poultry and egg industry. We are a voice for the industry in Arkansas,Missouri, and Oklahoma.

If you supply services and/or products to poultry and egg companies, we invite you to join us in strengthening our industry by becoming a TPF Allied member. By becoming a member, you also make a valuable investment in your business - one that can reap priceless results. When you invest resources such as involvement in committees, participation in networking functions and the cost of dues, a positive retu is definite.

What is the Spring Symposium? The annual Poultry Spring Symposium is the largest local conference and vendor trade show for live production personnel. Last year over 50 vendor companies exhibited in the tabletop trade show and over 500 people were in attendance. Live production personnel, and suppliers who support live production of turkeys, breeders, and broilers;

and more specifically growers, service technicians and grow-out managers are encouraged to register and attend. The annual conference is planned and coordinated by The Poultry Federation, the Poultry Improvement Committee and the Center of Excellence for Poultry Science.


Benny McClure of George's, Inc., serves as the 2014 Spring Symposium Chairman. All attendees are encouraged to register online. Advance registration for the Symposium is $60 per person for TPF Members or $75 per person for Non Members. Growers and students are registered for free. Additionally, booths for the Vendor Trade Show are $100 for TPF Members and $200 for Non Members.